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First step: sample analysis


Flying-Fashion specialized in assorted fabric‘s production, process, composition. With extensive process knowledge, technical staff formulated a complete process for production engineering by analysis client’s samples to get its specialty.

Second step: Product test
  Flying-Fashion has confident in several of material composition and sample testing. After sampling, clients clearly understand process feasibility and advantages to ensure seriously process choosing.

Third step: Production test

  According to customer requirements, product testing will be conducted in the factory until adjust to the best results. Make sure customers satisfied with the products before payment made.If client made reasonable modification requirement, our company can further modify the product until the customer satisfaction.

Fourth step: Production procedure


According to the product line, our company's technical staff considering the necessary raw materials and chemical materials properties, from the unwinding, inspection, coating, heat treatment to the winding configured for most effective automation, semi- automation components to reduce the loss of production and ensure continuous production facilities and safety of the production. Our company will also provide detailed explanations for the customers.

Fifth step: After service

Any problems using fabric, technical staff will response within 24 hours and solve the problem shortly.