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About Us

Located in Pujiang Town Minghang District, Shanghai Flying-Fashion Laminated Fabrics Co.,Ltd is provided with superior location and convenient transportation.It is 6 km away from the A4 highway exit from Da Ye Road, 10 kilometers away from the A7/A30 highway exit, 15 km from the A20 highway.

It covers 5000 square meters with 100 employees in the workshop. The capacity of its factory has 600,000 to 1000,000 meters fabric per month.

Shanghai Flying-Fashion introducing foreign advanced composite technology and accumulated 10 years experience, have owned first-class equipments and strong technical force and specialized in researching variety of materials composition.

Using waterproof and breathable composite processing, textile materials has many special features such as strong stability and tear resistance, good processing quality as well as continuous production. We introduced PTFE, TPU, PU and other waterproof breathable fabrics, specializing in the production of composite functional outdoor clothing fabrics. Product has a unique waterproof, breathable, breathable, warm wind, rain, washing performance, fabric feel super soft, rich texture. Even after repeated folding, washing, fabric is still soft and delicate, never elastic fatigue.

Our products can be widely used for military service, police uniforms, fire service, sports clothing and protective equipment, jackets, coats, coats, snow suits, underwear and other garments, surgical gowns, medical field, aerospace industry, shoes, hats timber, etc. . According to customer needs we develop distinctive products with multi-function devices.

The raw materials and fabrics with non-toxic, odorless, washing etc meet environment protection and we export to Europe, America, Asian countries and regions. Business partners throughout the world, greatly enhance the customer's competitive advantage.

We always adhere to "quality win the market, with credit to win customers", the spirit of "technology to enhance the quality of R & D to develop the market," the spirit of strategic partnership and create a win-win situation.

Shanghai Flying-Fashion Laminated Fabrics Co.,Ltd: professional makes sucess