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  A、Comparsion FAMOUS Lamination (PUR-Reactive Hot-melt system)

  B、With conventional Solvent-based / Toluene, MEK type

A、B antitheses  

Description A、FAMOURS PUR B、Solvent-based type
Material Polyurethane based Polyurethane based
Environmental standard Environmental sanitation Non-sanitation
Soluable heavy metal none Non-pass standard
Organic Tin compound

none Non-pass standard
Solid content 100% Max. up to33~40%
Resistance to Chemical Excellent No good
Bonding strength after washing Excellent Normal
Anti-UV Excellent Easy control
Anti-Hydrolysis Excellent No good
Waste lamination process Low More
Handing feeling Excellent Normal
Furnace equipment
None Standard equipment
Easy deterioration to TPU film